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What a Bunch of Lunatics!

Models bare it all for the Goddess Collection.

Bald can be beautiful, but what were they thinking? “Plenty,” assures Paul Mitchell colorist Steven Robertson, a leading member of the merry Lunatic Fringe Artistic Team and learning leader for Paul Mitchell the School in Salt Lake City, Utah. “For this shoot, our goals were to create movement, texture and color that brought spectacular—make that outrageous—images to life.”

Robertson and his fellow Lunatic stylist, Janae Johnson, create sane ’dos by day at Lunatic Fringe Salons and plot their next artistic moves by night. To accomplish their latest vision, they drew scores of silhouettes and conferred for days before nailing down the concept for their surreal Goddess Collection.

The team is reportedly already planning its next artistic adventure, but we’ll have to wait and see what’s up these Lunatics’ masterful sleeves. In the meantime, here are their outré deities...wearing latex hair coverings, brightly colored hairpieces and zany, wired hairstyles that bring the team’s take on the upper world—and the netherworld—to life.