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Watch! Get This Miami Beach Bombshell Hair Color

Summer may be over, but blondes are here to stay. For those clients who are less pumpkin spice and more beach babe — no matter the weather forecast — this soft, sandy blonde from GK Hair is the answer. Cool silvery tones, rather than warm golden ones, keep the look wintery while GK Hair’s Miami Beach Bombshell Clay Lightening Powder makes creating the hue easier than ever. Because it goes on as a cream, then hardens directly on the hair, Miami Beach Bombshell eliminates the need for foils or wraps, meaning you can tap into your inner artist to create custom, balayaged blondes.

Recreate this look with the following how-to, plus see the tutorial video below!

Get the Look:

  1. Natural Level: 6 (see first image, below)
  2. First, section hair into four parts. Braid each section. (Second image, below)
  3. Pull down one of the three piece from each braid. (Third image, below)
  4. Lighten the pulled-down pieces outside the braid with Miami Beach Bombshell. Let process for 40 minutes. (Fourth image, below)



Images courtesy of GK Hair