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Vibrant Energetic Color Inspired by Nature

Goldwell Regional Artistic Team member Michelle Vance created this amazing energetic look using rebel colors within nature. Her inspiration came from the vibrant colors of sunsets, feathers, and the desert using fashion colors that come from nature with Goldwell products like SilkLift. Here’s her step-by-step on how to achieve this look.

Hair Transformation Formulas:

Step 1:
Pre lifted:
40ml 40vol + 15ml 12BN + 5ml Blonding Creme
Front Bandeau Prelighted:
1 Level scoop SilkLift Strong + 35ml 6% (20vol)

Step 2:
Background Shade:
50ml 20vol (6%) + 20ml 5VV + 20ml 7BG +5ml 3VV + 5ml VVmix

Step 3:
Bandeau Slices:
Reconstructed Teal: 5ml GN@all + 5ml TQ@all +3ml Bl@all + 15ml BM@6

Step 4:
Reconstructed Lemon:
10ml YY@all +5ml GK@all +20ml NA@8


Images courtesy Goldwell