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Marie Ferro demonstrates proper color correction

Color correction is always the trickiest part of the professional color business, but there are some slick techniques coupled with wise color selections that can make every correction a big success. This month, colorist Marie

"Because most of my clients are in the entertainment business, they've presented me with plenty of color correction challenges over the years. Hair is a major tool in portraying different characters on-screen and, because show business is all about image, it's equally important that their haircolor designs look drop-dead gorgeous off-screen.

Colorazzi: Megan Fox

Color by George Papanikolas of the Andy LeCompte Salon in West Hollywood, CA

Even though George Papanikolas is fresh off the frenetic Britney Spears Circus Tour (where his grueling schedule included doing the ring-mistress’ hair for 36 shows in 32 cities in just 10 weeks!), he still takes the time to chat it up with The Colorist about another of his fetching damsels: actress Megan Fox, whose starring roles in upcoming movies Jennifer’s Body (2009), Jonah Hex (2010) and

Colorazzi: Jane Seymour

Color by celeb beauty pro and philanthropist Marie Ferro, owner of Marie’s Hair Studio in SoCal’s exclusive Malibu Colony

Jane Seymour’s lovely, long locks are strictly the domain of Marie Ferro, who has kept them colored and conditioned to perfection for the past 13 years. “Jane is a wonderful human being who supports many charities throughout the world, and is a great champion of women in many capacities,” notes Ferro.

Colorazzi: Britney Spears

Color by George Papanikolas of the Andy LeCompte Salon in West Hollywood, California

We knew that it wouldn’t last—or at least we were hoping it wouldn’t: Britney Spears’ brunette locks (which were dyed while touring in Europe). Thankfully in early August, Spears turned to star colorist George Papanikolas for a blonde reversion. Papanikolas has been Spears’ mane color man for many months, including for the North American leg of her “Circus” tour.


Mythical shape-shifters have nothing on Schwarzkopf colorist Alex Fretwell, as he transfigures our model into three hot fall/winter trends: La Belle Classique, Intrinsic-Chic and Remix-ticate Romantic.

With one smart cut and subtle color gradations that shift with each toss of her head, our sumptuous sylph seamlessly shuffles from one gorgeous fall/ winter trend to another, thanks to the artful hands of Alex Fretwell, Schwarzkopf education ambassador and owner of Montage Studio Salon and Spa in Boise and Eagle, Idaho.

Urban Goddess

Joico's pigment-bender. Sue Pemberton. elevates The Colorist's downtown deity to a higher prismatic power.

After decamping Nottingham. England. and leaving behind family. friends and a full clientele. Sue Pemberton. Joico Vero K-PAK international artistic director. arrived in America in the late '80s with only $600 in her pocket and a suitcase filled with clothes. Overflowing with the kind of hope that's strictly reserved for those who dare to dream big.

Lifestyle Coloring

Lifestyle Coloring

David Stanko, a classic NYC Midtown mover, shares the rewards of catering to more than just like-minded color clientele.

“Have I got an earful for you,” gushes David Stanko, in response to our query about his new education platform and DVD, Lifestyle Coloring.

Double Vision

Double Vision

The Colorist celebrates classic and offbeat beauty.

While selecting models with John Simpson and Dimitrios Tsioumas, we were willingly inserted into the controversy surrounding reed-like beauty versus the new "real woman" phenom. Tsioumas, who stands in the classic camp, adores statuesque, thin-as-a-rail models, while Simpson is passionate about finding beauty in the everyday woman.

Satin Graduation

TIGI European creative technical director Sarah Brookes and European creative director Nick Irwin create a club-hopping vision for The Colorist's cover image and inside technical.

No roller disco for this Brit darling. Evoking visions of a laser-covered dance floor filled with the creme de la club-goers throwing some shapes. Sarah Brookes' and Nick Irwin's Satin Graduation embraces London trendoids whose club-cracking wardrobes and eclectic hair designs serve as their entrees into the hautest hot spots.