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In the Mix

Marie Ferro demonstrates proper color correction

Color correction is always the trickiest part of the professional color business, but there are some slick techniques coupled with wise color selections that can make every correction a big success. This month, colorist Marie

"Because most of my clients are in the entertainment business, they've presented me with plenty of color correction challenges over the years. Hair is a major tool in portraying different characters on-screen and, because show business is all about image, it's equally important that their haircolor designs look drop-dead gorgeous off-screen.

Lifestyle Coloring

Lifestyle Coloring

David Stanko, a classic NYC Midtown mover, shares the rewards of catering to more than just like-minded color clientele.

“Have I got an earful for you,” gushes David Stanko, in response to our query about his new education platform and DVD, Lifestyle Coloring.