Double Vision

Double Vision

The Colorist celebrates classic and offbeat beauty.

While selecting models with John Simpson and Dimitrios Tsioumas, we were willingly inserted into the controversy surrounding reed-like beauty versus the new "real woman" phenom. Tsioumas, who stands in the classic camp, adores statuesque, thin-as-a-rail models, while Simpson is passionate about finding beauty in the everyday woman.

Satin Graduation

TIGI European creative technical director Sarah Brookes and European creative director Nick Irwin create a club-hopping vision for The Colorist's cover image and inside technical.

No roller disco for this Brit darling. Evoking visions of a laser-covered dance floor filled with the creme de la club-goers throwing some shapes. Sarah Brookes' and Nick Irwin's Satin Graduation embraces London trendoids whose club-cracking wardrobes and eclectic hair designs serve as their entrees into the hautest hot spots.