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Strokes of Genius

Sub-hued balayage highlights create a graceful grow-out for fall.

Actress Hayden Panettiere suffers no grow-out angst, thanks to Joico celeb colorist George Papanikolas and crimper Jen Atkins of the Andy LeCompte Salon in West Hollywood, California. “Hayden’s hair was over- lightened; I wanted to gradually create a beach-y, sun-kissed look, which goes beautifully with her classic California style,” Papanikolas explains. To accomplish this gradual transformation, he began lightly balayaging Panettiere’s regrowth, concentrating mostly around her face and highlighting just the tips underneath her layers. “Her natural hair is a level 7,” he informs. “I use Joico VeroLight decolorizer to paint the highlights (using an inverted V pattern), and then give her a sparkling finish with Joico VeroChrome clear glaze.”