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Pink Warriors

Pink Warriors

Beauty pros are fighting breast cancer one salon at a time.

Charles and Company Salon & Spa, Bluffton and Beaufort, South Carolina: “We’ve participated in the SO.CAP.USA Pink Hair for Hope program for three years. The first year, we promoted pink hair extensions for $10 each through word of mouth, while also using in-salon merchandising materials. The local media also covered—and continues to cover—the event. Over the past two years, we’ve repeated our Pink Hair for Hope activity to help support the National Breast Cancer Foundation. To date, we’ve raised a total of $32,000 to fight this awful disease.” Jacki Vaught, manager

Charles David Salon & Spa, Hanover, Massachusetts: “We hold an annual breast cancer event every October that raises more than $20,000 for the South Shore Hospital Cancer Center. On this special day, 100% of our salon’s total earnings, plus money raised through raffles, etc., go to this worthy hospital.” Andrea Dodge, stylist

Christie & Co. Salon/Spa, Bayside, New York: “We promote our ‘Colorists For a Cure’ program each October. For every color service done in our salon, we donate a percentage of the resulting revenues to breast cancer research initiatives. Our annual donation in previous years has been as much as $7,500.” Lois Christie, president

Scott J/Aveda, New York City: “Every year, we raise money for a local charity involved with breast cancer. Last year we set up a raffle at all three of our locations and raised $10,000 for the organization. In return, the three winners each won $1,000 worth of products and services, including certificates for color services. Also, each October, our 70 stylists and colorists donate the money gained for one service to the cause. Last year, that also totaled $10,000, making our combined contribution to breast cancer awareness $20,000!” Francine Douglas, corporate assistant

“As a beauty professional, it’s likely that someone special in your life has been diagnosed with breast cancer—whether it’s your mother, sister, aunt, friend, client, or, in my case, my loving mother-in-law, Peggy Bell. Because women are the very heart and soul of our business, it’s vital that we help in any way we can to promote a cure. Even if you don’t have a program in place at the moment, it’s never too late to ‘think pink.’ And so, for people like Peggy and your loved ones who’ve been stricken with breast cancer, I urge you: For the month of October—National Breast Cancer Awareness Month—do something wonderful with your beauty skills to support the cause. It only takes a wave of your color brush to make a difference and resonate the loving nature of our business.” —Steve Goddard, CEO, Pravana

Elayne James Salon & Spa, Greenville and Middletown, Delaware: “We participate in the SO.CAP.USA Pink Hair for Hope campaign each year to raise money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, and also hold an annual ‘Cut for
the Cure.’ The cut-a-thon lasts for five hours; we charge $20 for a haircut and all the proceeds go to the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition. Last year we raised $6,000 for the cause, and we hope to raise even more this year!” Jessica Galoff, owner

Dillards Aveda Salon, Akron, Ohio: “We do small promotions like bake sales, as well as bigger promotions like holding a raffle where clients have a chance to win a gift basket worth at least $250. To do this, we network with other merchants in our mall and create themed baskets such as one that’s all food items and, of course, one that has products and a gift certificate for a complete makeover—including haircolor—at our salon. This year, we’re hoping to raise over $2,500 for the cause.” Josh Petersen, stylist