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Patrick McIvor's Blog: Plan for Success in 2015

With Thanksgiving so late this year, it has created an interesting opportunity for us as colorists, between last week and New Year’s Eve, 99.9% of our guests will be visiting our chairs to have their color done. Now this means a lot of things for us. First we will be busy, but second, if we take just a few moments extra with each guest, we can set ourselves up for success in 2015.  So, let’s focus on 3 things (if you haven't seen my Power of 3 yet on the road, look for the video coming in 2015 on my YouTube Channel):

1. Ideas That Keep Guests
2. Ways To Save and
3. Something Better for Us.

Ideas That Keep Guests
One of the leading reasons guests look for a new stylist or colorist is because they are bored with their look. Yet, one of the biggest challenges for stylists and colorists is that guests don’t want to change!  So, how do we change this?  This is one of those classic psychological studies. When we ask a general question or we are asked a general question, our response is crafted to not upset the questioner. For example: how are you? Most people respond “good,” even if there is something bothering them, or when out at dinner when asked how your meal is, most look up and say great even if the mashed potatoes were bland. Why? Because it was a general question. How about if the server asked how the potatoes were? Then a different response probably would have occurred. With guests it’s the same, even when you ask how their color is and if there is anything you can do better? Or, how did the color hold up for you this time? The answers are most always “great.” So, this year take a moment to figure out 1 thing you would love to do differently or change about a guest’s hair. Be specific!! Don’t suggest, “How about some highlights?” instead ask “How about some highlights here, here, and here?” or instead of “How about some red?” ask “How about this red?”  By doing this, it’s not a general idea, it’s a specific yes or no. Take the time to figure out new ideas in 2014 to offer in 2015 so guests have new ideas to respond to, not just general questions to say “great” to…you never know who is looking for some new ideas.

Ways To Save
Another way to create more success in 2015 is to figure out ways to save time and money.  So after you finish each guest’s color, look at the bowl or bottle and see if there is excess product left over.  How much? For me, more than 10grams or 10mls or 1/4oz is too much waste and not doing anyone any good just going down the drain.  So, after each guest reweigh your color bowl or bottle if you use a scale or note how many mls or ounces are left in an applicator bottle and next time you can mix less.  In 2015 don’t just mix a set amount of color for each guest, mix the right amount.  As for time, if you work with an assistant, have them watch you and debrief you on the way you work with guests and where you fall behind or lose time. Are you talking and not coloring at the same time? Is there a section you’re fast on and one that you’re slower with? Is there a way you could be more time effective coloring each guest?  

Something Better For Us
Is there something we can do better for ourselves that would make us more successful? While you’re working, do you wish you had more haircolor knowledge, color correction, maybe a business class or knew more about how to use social media to grow your business? Look in the mirror while you are working, do you like your posture, they way you look? Do you wish you had time to go and talk to someone about being happier or stop smoking?  There’s one thing I do know that is guaranteed to create a better 2015, and that’s a better YOU, no matter what it is you want to do better.

So as 2014 is in its final days, let’s realize the opportunities right under our noses, literally. With nearly 100% of our guests in front of us, let’s take a moment and plan for success by looking for opportunities we can create in 2015!

I look forward to sharing more ideas with you next year and hope you, your family and loved ones have an amazing rest of 2014!!!! See you next year, maybe at a Goldwell KMS California Academy too! 

- Patrick McIvor, Artistic & TechniCulture Director, Goldwell and KMS California 



Image courtesy of Patrick McIvor