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Hot Products: Matrix's New COLORINSIDER Color Concentrates

Intensify, brighten and lift beautiful, permanent haircolor with the new COLORINSIDER Color Concentrates! Specifically designed to boost COLORINSIDER formulas, the new Concentrates will give stylists and colorists even more flexibility to create vibrant, gorgeous looks. The COLORINSIDER Concentrates are prominent in our new Matrix Trend Collection, True Pioneers, which is inspired by the panoramic color and rustic styles of the American West.

The COLORINSIDER permanent color portfolio, Color Concentrates adds four new additions to the portfolio: Blue, Red, Orange, and Yellow Concentrates.

In a recent Matrix colorist survey, one in five professionals report that they use color additives on a regular basis. “Inspired by our colorists, Color Concentrates are specifically designed to boost COLORINSIDER formulas, customize COLORINSIDER color palettes, and neutralize results to deliver endless color possibilities,” says Adam Gam, Marketing AVP at Matrix.

Each concentrate is 2 oz., intermixable, and must be incorporated in a COLORINSIDER formula to deliver the following unique benefits:

BLUE: lifts to neutralize unwanted brassiness and adds cool tones when darkening

RED: intensifies your favorite red, red-violet and violet formulas

ORANGE: boosts vibrancy with auburns, warm browns and golden blondes

YELLOW: brightens brunettes and soften reds that are too strong

Like all COLORINSIDER formulas, the new Color Concentrates are ammonia-free. COLORINSIDER features the exclusive Color Injection Oil Delivery System (ODS2), which propels color actives to the hair's core with minimum stress on the cuticle surface delivering outstanding hair protection.



[Image courtesy of Matrix]