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Hollywood Caramel Technique Using Aloxxi Haircolor

The biggest and most important, crucial item when going for that beautiful caramel tone is to AVOID going too red or too brassy when lifting from darker hair.  Here's how:

To achieve a perfect, true caramel, process and rinse base color FIRST.  Base color formula:  1 oz. 6N Aloxxi Andiamo mixed with 1 oz. Aloxxi 20 volume developer.  Process only fifteen minutes.

THEN apply highlights a few inches away from the scalp beginning in the nape area, utilizing 1/8" slices and Aloxxi Lightener mixed with 30 volume Aloxxi developer.  Then repeat the highlights in a pinwheel fashion on the sides of the head from the crown through to the temple.  Add 3-4 highlights in the bang area beginning directly at the scalp for a nice pop of color in front.  Lift highlights PAST the yellow/orange zone and up to a pale yellow.  Rinse.

THEN apply Aloxxi Tones 9N mixed with Aloxxi Tones developer on highlighted areas for a beautiful caramel tone.  Rinse.

Shampoo with Marco Color Health Shampoo, condition with Marco Color Hydrate Conditioner, and style with Marco Anti Frizz Leave In Conditioner.

[Images courtesy of Marco Pelusi]