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Guest Blog: Playing with Summer Hair

by Patrick McIvor

Summer creates all sorts of challenges and all sorts of opportunities to play with hair. Instead of fighting with nature, playing with it and its effects on hair can make this season a lot more fun. So this month, I want to share 10 ways we can play with summer hair:

1. Glaze for Depth or Tone
A quick and great upgrade to any service is a glaze with your favorite demi-permanent color to add shine, refine tone, and bring life back to hair that didn't have the best summer.

2. Dimensional Glaze
Create dimension from scalp to ends by using more than one glaze to create a shadow at the base and maintain lightness through the ends. Apply the color at the base with a bowl and brush, creating a diffused line, and then apply a lighter color through the mids and ends with an applicator bottle. Melt the colors together for a gradated glaze with depth and beauty.

3. Multi-Dimensional Glaze
Use more than one demi-permanent color, working vertically to create a result that plays with summer hair and has even more fun. This is a quick and easy way to turn your tired strands into a look that hair painting or extensions can create. Whether you are using a bowl and brush or applicator bottle, apply the color in vertical sections and twist to keep them separate as they process.

4. Balayage Lowlights
During the summer, when I do lowlights, I use a different approach than I use in the winter. Instead of using a level 6 or darker color with a finer placement, which could lighten up to create a warmer-than-desired result, try using a level 7 or 8 color in blonde hair that needs more contrast and use larger sections. The advantage here is that the level 7 and 8 colors have less warmth in them than a level 6 or darker, which means there is less chance of them oxidizing warm. By using a larger volume of hair to glaze (instead of depth from the color), you will still achieve the desired contrast.

5. Offer Mini-Lifts or Base Softening  
Sometimes, a 2-week vacation can create beautiful results through the mids and ends but leaves the base looking dark and dull. In 3-7 minutes this can all be adjusted with a quick mini-lift. It used to be called "breaking the base," but I've always thought "break" and "hair" should never be in the same sentence. This is a great way to bring life to the base and complement what summer has created.

6. Offer a Color Enhancing Shampoo and/or Conditioner
Offer a service and boost your retail at the same time by offering your guest the opportunity to tone down or turn up their color at the shampoo sink. Offer the service at the retail price of the shampoo or conditioner and use the product to provide the service in the salon. Then, let your guest take the opened product home to continue maintaining for beautiful results.

7. Five Fantastic Foils or Face-Frame Highlights
For those who didn't get enough summer in their hair, offer five face-framing highlights, or hand-paint some highlights. Because you are doing just a few pieces, both these services can be done with a higher volume developer. What's more, they can be done before the haircut and offered as an upgrade to your client's service.

8. Play With Fun Direct Colors
Use the lightness created in the hair by the sun to have some fun with fantasy, fashion and direct dyes. These colors usually require pre-lightening the hair, but with some guests the sun may do this for us, making it easy to play with some fun color.

9. Give A Great Cut
If the summer has made the color look even cooler, use that to inspire your guest to change their style with a new cut or shape. It’s hard to get some clients to embrace change, but when you can play with how summer has affected their hair for the better, or how it looks after a vacation, this can serve as an inspiration for both you and your guest.

10. Be Inspirational
For some guests, the first thing out of their mouth will be how summer has changed their hair, but a few might not even notice that the season has affected their strands at all. Playing with the effects that summer has had on your own hair is a great way to inspire your guests to have some more fun with their look.

In what seems like just the blink of an eye summer will be over. Heck, it's just over 150 days until New Year’s Eve, so have fun and play with summer hair while you can! You’ll have more fun, and so will your guests.



Image courtesy of Patrick McIvor