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Go for the Middle

P&G Beauty pinpoints color personalities.

Have you ever questioned why some clients, no matter how much you preach professional color, continue to be dyed-in- the-wool home users? Well, wonder no more! New consumer research by P&G Beauty reveals that the psychographic (personality) and demographic (financial and lifestyle) differences between “Salon Color Users” and “Home Color Users” are so clearly delineated that neither party is likely to switch sides! But here’s the really exciting news: Sandwiched in-between these two party lines are what the mega-corp terms “Hair Color Dualists”— the “sometimes do, sometimes don’t” client category.

Dualists happen to be a super-sweet spot for building your books and increasing revenues. They have a higher household income than Home Color Users (71% of Dualists have an annual income exceeding $50,000). And like loyal color clients, they trust your professional skills and choose in-salon color when they want a dramatic color change or a special process (especially dimensional colorations). They also opt for the salon color experience in order to be pampered, and for the convenience of combining cut-and-color appointments.

The one-of-a-kind study also shows that to create the “Velcro” effect—enticing Dualists to stick with your services—you’ve got to up your color game. Flexing your creative color skills by always customizing Dualists’ formulas and applications, and having cool color designs at the ready, are just a few of the approaches to winning over this slice of the beauty pie. You can also encourage Dualists to visit you more often by stressing the lack of at-home mess and worry-free results. Tip! Up the odds of promoting your Dualists to Salon Color Users by offering them special dual-service promotions, never hesitating to make new color recommendations, and always providing information about the latest high-fashion color looks via newsletters and in-salon materials.