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Get the Look: CoCre8 Classique Collection

Created by CoCre8 founders Christopher Dove and John Simpson, the Classique collection features true style, form and colorations for the classic and independent woman, translating “trend” into “trend relevant” for the sophisticated and savvy stylist. Opulent Hair Color backgrounds, accompanied by clever pure and pastel combinations accents. Each model represents our CoCre8 education methods for the Classique Individual who craves fashion relevancy vs simply trend.

Here, how to get the looks:

Colorazzi Formula: 

Look 1: Dark, Oil-slick Bob

LIFT: L’ANZA Powder Decolorizer + 30 vol. (9%) to Level 8
BASE: L’ANZA 5AX (green) + 10 vol. (3%)
ACCENTS: L’ANZA VIBES (direct dyes)

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Teal
  • Blue +Teal


  1. Isolate elongated triangle or accommodate cut, 1 inch under parting
  2. Use LITE formula diffused from scalp through to ends
  3. Apply BASE to remaining hair. Process R/S/C Dry
  4. Use Horizontal slices and apply “Mosaic” ACCENT shades.
  5. Cre8 your pattern with minimal blend. Tones will naturally diffuse as they are familiar in level. Repeat in full section. Process R/S/C

Look 2: Red Glamor

LIFT: L’ANZA Powder Decolorizer + 20vol. (6%) 

BASE 1 ROOT- 30g 7C (copper) + 10g 6RRC (red copper) + 40g 10vol.(3%)
BASE 2 Mid/ENDS- 30g 7C (copper) + 10g 6RRC (red copper) + 40g 20vol.(6%) 
L’ANZA VIBES (direct dyes) ORANGE
GLAZE 2:  L’ANZA VIBES (direct dyes) RED


  1. Apply BASE Color in traditional manner. BASE 1 at root area. BASE 2 through mid lengths and ends. Process 30 minutes. R/S/C Blow dry
  2. Paint. Throught the head, customize and paint the canvas over BASE shade using the volume technique from CoCre8. This is formed using "V" shapes, panels, and points, in rotation, leaving hair in between each paint zone. Process 30 minutes. R/S/C Blow dry
  3. Glaze. Take 4 Deep Zig-Zag sections at nape to occipital, occipital to crown, part line and hairline
  4. Alternate GLAZE 1 and GLAZE 2 in each zone. This creates a multidimensional glaze to illuminate the volume in the color.
  5. Process 20 minutes with or without heat. R/S/C

Look 3: Bright Blonde Bun

LIFT: L’ANZA Powder Decolorizer + 20 vol. (6%) - to clean 9/10
PLATINUMIZER: 20 vol. (6%) + 10 P (pearl = violet blue) + H2O = pts.
A platinumizer is a slow moving alkaline pastel used to neutralize warmth from cortex out.
BASE SHADOW: L’ANZA VIBES (direct dyes) - SMOKE + CLEAR S= 5g C= 40g
MID SHADOW: L’ANZA VIBES (direct dyes) - BLUE + CLEAR + SMOKE B=.5g C=30g S=5g
ENDS: L’ANZA VIBES (direct dyes) - CLEAR + VIOLET C= 30g V= .5g


  1. Lift the canvas to a clean level 9/10. Treate the zones with correct lift tool to prevent banding. Process R/S/C
  2. Apply Platinumizer to clean, damp hair. This cools off and drives excess warmth out of the cortex. This also ensures color longevity. Process 5-10 minutes. R/S/C
  3. Apply BASE SHADOW. Only draw up as amuch color as needed to prevent color bleeding. Saturate.
  4. In triangular sections, saturate middle with MID SHADOW COLOR. Diffuse with the side of your brush for seamless blend.
  5. At tips of triangle, apply and blend ENDS color.

Look 4: Asymmetrical Violet

LIFT: L’ANZA Powder Decolorizer + 10vol. (3%)

BASE: L’ANZA HEALING HAIR COLOR 30g 5AX (green) + 10g 5RV (red violet) + 40g 10vol.(3%)
GLAZE: L’ANZA VIBES (direct dyes) VIOLET + SMOKE + CLEAR V= 1g S= 10g C= 25g


  1. Working in a traditional foil and micro slice, on the round points of the head. Apply a two-slice application with hair in between, using the LIFT formula.
  2. By applying a total of 10 foils in the correct places, you will achieve the look of a heavier application:
    2 horizontally on frontal slop
    2 horizontally at crown
    2 across the round of lid on a diagonal
    2 vertically on each side of the top application    
    (= // =)
  3. Apply BASE to all areas remaining
  4. Process, R/S/C
  5. Towel dry and apply GLAZE to entire head, scalp to ends. This effect is an easy way to provide all of color, texture, tone and movement!

[Images courtesy of L'ANZA]


HAIR- Christopher Dove and John Simpson as CoCre8 Education FACE- Joel Vera Sebastian
PHOTO- Matt Licari- NYC/USA
FASHION- Christopher Dove