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Event Recap: Arrojo Expo 2016 Creates Sonic Boom

The sixth annual ARROJO Expo, held in New York, on October 23-24, brought together hundreds of professionals for a long weekend of education, inspiration, and celebration.

“Expo again proved that teamwork makes the dream work,” said Nick Arrojo. “We are so proud to have created America’s biggest independent hair show, but even more proud to share it with so many like-minded professionals.”

The opening “Welcome to NYC” cocktail party and mixer featured a men’s presentation by Rea Winter, Paul Merritt, and Crystal Blu. Titled, “Alpha,” the collection captured the current zeitgeist of men’s style and serves as means to announce a new, fashion-forward men’s barbering and grooming program that will be available at Arrojo Cosmetology School beginning in 2017.

The Arrojo Trend 17 Presentation, overseen by Arrojo Creative Director Lina Arrojo, was revealed for the first time at the Sunday night party and presentation at Marquee. With an outlandish performance by Mister Wallace preceding the release, the crowd was whipped into a frenzy as the new collections took to the runway. Titled, “Sugar Candy,” “Undefined,” and “SonicBOOM,” the three symbiotic collections show styles that take inspiration from 1990s streetwear to create a wide range of colorful, textured, edgy and urban looks.

More than 150 hands-on attendees practiced key trends and techniques from the three collections under the guidance of Arrojo master stylists at the brand’s education facilities in SoHo and TriBeCa. The first workshop, Editorial, featured a new hair sowing technique before attendees moved into a razor cutting class to master the signature hair cut from “SonicBOOM.”

On the second day, hands-on guests began with an American wave workshop to discover a new “root waving” technique that allows for beautiful body, texture and movement. Completing the hands-on portion of Expo, the color class taught a newly originated coloring technique dubbed, “Squarelights.” An evolution of hair painting trends, the execution puts brightness and pop in the perfect position for fashionable hair with a shattering sonic boom.

In the lecture theater, a two-day business success symposium for salon owners featured a world-class roster of guests alongside Nick Arrojo. Key topics include Nick Arrojo on the salon experience, Patrick McIvor on the experience of touch, Jeff Mason on goal setting, Gordon Nelson on the experience of success, and Jeff South on creating community.

At the symposium, there was also a style council presentation featuring the work of several Arrojo ambassador salon owners. Aside from a testament to their hairdressing skills, the high-class presentation espouses many of the virtues of the ambassador program, namely: connection, collaboration, creativity, and sharing success.

Attendees were thrilled with this year’s Expo, commenting:

  • “There is always so much information shared that is inspiring and relevant. It’s like you can read our minds and know exactly what we need before we arrive. Great presentations!” –– Jeanine Huck — Expo Attendee from Eden Salon, Moses Lake, WA
  • “Both workshop days were thoroughly taught. I really appreciate how much the staff cares about attendees gaining knowledge. The passion and drive are super-inspiring.” –- Maggie Meyerhoff Expo Attendee from Euphoria Studio, Frenchtown NJ
  • “I love that it’s not just one topic we focus on; it’s a little bit of everything that’s going on trend wise. I get to bring so much new info back to the salon!” –– Sofia Giacalone, Expo Attendee from Richard Salon, Smithtown ,NY
  • “This was an amazing experience that has taught me a lot and reminded me that there is so much one can do to hair. Keep learning always! I love ARROJO Expo!” –– Jessica Schreiner, Expo Attendee from Moxie Salon, Minneapolis, MN

See photos from Expo 2016 in the slideshow below!

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Images courtesy of Arrojo