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Color Gallery

Cherry Petenbrink Creates Edgy Color without Commitment

Cherry Petenbrink created these images using Joico Vero KPAK Color Intensity. The yellow and magenta image is a hairpiece. Petenbrink created the look using Joico Color Intensity Yellow and Pink applied to level 8 hair. She calls the technique a “quick, fun and impactful way to get an edgy look without commitment.” The violet color was also created with Joico Vero KPAK Color Intensity.

Postmodern Jazz

Linda Yodice, artistic director for Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Color, paints the glamour of ’60s color, millennium-style.

Inspired by the colorful ’60s—when choreographer Bob Fosse was at the pinnacle of his jazz dance career—colorist Linda Yodice, along with Scott Cole (fellow artistic director for Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Color) and team took their models from the matchy-matchy, early-to-mid ’60s to today, where synchronized beauty isn’t nearly as important as personal expression. The Fosse tie-in?

ISO. Chromatic

The hip, new i.Design Team sets the style tempo with ISO i.Luminate demipermanent color.

She’s rock; she’s baroque; she’s all that jazz. Inspired by the influential styles of heavy metal, classical and bebop blues, the i.Design Team’s three-part ISO.Chromatic collection—Rock, Baroque and Jazz—is already getting plenty of chair-play with colorists.

Pop Glam

Pop Glam

Channeling London's plastic-like. over-the-top looks of the '80s. Paul Mitchell editorial director and former Brit bird Lucie Doughty flashes her brights with her colorful new collection. Pop Glam.

"I really went crazy with my paint box this time around." Doughty grins. "I used so many different colors that traditionally wouldn't be placed next to each other. yet they fit together beautifully when taken into context of the entire collection: neo-mod glam." As for the sunglasses. Doughty gushes. "I love the reflection they produce for the camera.